Window casements installed by Cherry Creek


Finishing Touches. The final fit and function of a new window depends upon experience and attention to detail during installation. Older homes can be difficult to install windows into. More often than not, openings become out of square as the home settles over time. Our installers deal with these types of homes every day and know how to make your windows look sharp and operate smoothly regardless of the age of your home. Our installers are employed by Cherry Creek and are licensed and bonded.

In the event your order includes installation by Cherry Creek Windows & Doors, you'll need to schedule an installation date after your millwork is delivered, finish painted, and cured. Installations are scheduled through the Cherry Creek Schedule Administrator. The price of installation typically includes removal of unwanted glass, sash, and install related trash. Due to the complexity of retro-fitting, trimming of product may occur and touch up painting may be required by customer. This should be completed immediately to remain under Cherry Creek warranty. 

To prepare for an installation, please remove all blinds from existing windows and move any nearby furniture. Cherry Creek is an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Contractor.


Contractors and DIY's. If you prefer to do your own installation, or use a contractor separate from Cherry Creek, please keep in mind it will be the responsibility of the homeowner/contractor to provide and verify all measurements and details.