5900 Casement-Replacement

The Retrofit Casement is designed to replace old casement windows by retro fitting into existing sills. It is easily installed into openings without affecting the sills, trim, or plaster. It can replace old sashes or newer aluminum framed windows. With minimal materials and ease of install it is the most cost effective way of replacing your windows. It is limited to 32" in width. For larger widths changing the hinge configuration to an awning or a picture window will prevent sash sag.

Retrofit casement standard features:

  • Solid clear vertical grain fir sash and mini frame in paint or stain grade
  • Energy efficient glass with low-e and argon
  • Concealed Truth 4 bar hinges (No stay required)
  • Solid bronze lever and strike plate in three finishes
  • Bulb weather stripping
Optional Features:
  • False checkrails to mimic look of double hung windows
  • Fixed or floating mullions for double casements
  • Decorative leaded glass or wood grids


Levers hold a casement window shut and provide a handle to open and close the window. They are solid bronze with options of 3 different colors. They are designed to be easy to operate, long lasting and secure.
Dark Bronze Dark Bronze
Bright Brass Bright Brass
Luma Luma

Sticking Details

Sticking is the detail in the wood that surounds the glass in a window. It helps direct moisture away from the glass while providing a decorative appearance. Below are our standard patterns. Notice that two patterns allow for true divided lites (TDL) and one of our patterns allows simulated divided lites (SDL). Ask about advantages of each for your individual situation.

1/4" OG 1/4" OG
1/2" OG 1/2" OG
Cove Bead Cove Bead
Overlay Overlay
. .
. .
1/2" OG TDL 1/2" OG TDL
Cove Bead TDL Cove Bead TDL
Overlay Muntin Overlay Muntin

Leaded Glass

Our insulated leaded glass is custom made to order and can be made in two forms, Dual Face (recommended) or Thermal. Though Dual Face leading is limited to 3/8" wide lead and rectangular type patterns, it is covered by a longer warranty. The Dual Face leading projects to both the outside and the inside of the home for maximum visual effect. Thermal leading is available in 1/4" or 3/8" and will appear on both sides of one of the panes of glass. Options are endless with the Thermal leading but it will have a shorter warranty. 

Dual Face (recommended) Dual Face (recommended)
3/8" Thermal 3/8" Thermal
3/8" Thermal w/ Perimeter 3/8" Thermal w/ Perimeter
1/4" Thermal 1/4" Thermal
1/4" Thermal w/ Perimeter 1/4" Thermal w/ Perimeter