4900 Doublehung-Full Frame

The 4900 Single & Doublehung is designed for historical projects where a wood jamb liner is required. It is an all wood window featuring a hidden balance spring system. You must remove a wood stop to service or paint this window.

4900 Single & Doublehung standard features:

  • Solid clear vertical grain fir sash and jamb in paint or stain grade
  • Energy efficient glass with low-e and argon
  • Wood track with hidden spring balance
  • Solid brass latch and lift
  • Weather stripping at top bottom sides and check rail
  • 1" interior stool with optional horn length
  • Flat grain exterior sill with optional horn length
Optional Features:
  • Decorative lugs
  • Decorative leaded glass or wood grids (SDL or TDL)

Latches & Lifts

Latches hold a double hung shut. Lifts are the handles used to open a double hung. Both latch and lift are solid brass and come in three colors. Small double hungs require one of each while larger doublehungs may require two.
Dark Bronze Dark Bronze
Bright Brass Bright Brass
Luma Luma
Dark Bronze Dark Bronze
Bright Brass Bright Brass
Luma Luma

Leaded Glass

Our leaded insulated glass is custom made to order and can be made in two forms, Thermal or Dual Face. Thermal leading is available in 1/4" or 3/8" and will appear on both sides of one of the panes of glass. Options are endless with the Thermal leading but will have a shorter warranty. Dual Face leading is limited to 3/8" wide lead and rectangular type patterns but is the preferred method and will carry a longer warranty.

1/4" 1/4"
1/4" perimeter 1/4" perimeter
3/8" 3/8"
3/8" perimeter 3/8" perimeter
Dual face Dual face