Storm Windows

Storm Windows are a great low-cost solution to increased energy efficiency and long-term protection of your existing windows. With winters being full of chilly days and blustery weather in Seattle, storm windows make a lot of sense. If your existing historic windows are in decent shape, or have complicated lead or wood grid patterns that can be expensive to reproduce, a wood storm window is a perfect option. Maybe you have an existing vintage storm window that has served its time, we can reproduce that as well.

Storm windows are available with optional operable hardware if you would like them to open for ventilation.

  • If your existing double hung windows are painted shut or missing ropes, we also offer a re-roping service to get them operating once again. This service must be done in conjuction with new storm windows and is not offered as an individual service.

Storm Window standard features:

  • Solid clear vertical grain fir sash in paint or stain grade
  • Tempered 1/8" thick glass
  • Clips or Hinges providing easy removal
  • Optional re-roping service (must be done in conjunction with new storm windows)

Benefits of Wood Storm Windows

Storm Window Hardware

Storm window hardware is supplied with both operable storms or fixed stoms. Operable storm windows feature hangers at the top and lockable elbows on the bottom to allow for a push out operation. Fixed storm windows are held in place using small turn clips.

Hangers (Operable Storms) Hangers (Operable Storms)
Elbows (Operable Storms) Elbows (Operable Storms)
Turn Clips (Fixed Storms) Turn Clips (Fixed Storms)