Finishing FAQ

How much maintenance is involved in wood windows and doors?

The maintenance involved in wood windows depends on the type of finish paint you use on them. Follow all instructions reccommended by your paint supplier. There is a wide variety in qualities of paint, and generally cheap paints require the most maintenance. We recommend Benjamin Moore products for long lasting finishes.

What finishes do you recommend?

For exteriors we recommend two coats of alkyd oil base primer, with two coats of latex finish paint. Light colors are essential in long lasting wood windows and doors. Use a finish paint with as much gloss as possible beause gloss provides better protection than flat paints. Use Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams products. We do not recommend using clear coats on exteriors because they require too much maintenance. For interior painting use the same recommendations as above. For interior staining use a marine grade clear coat over your stain. Oils and stains are not finishes. You want both the interior and exterior finished becuase there is a lot of airborne moisture on the inside of homes cause by kitchens, showers, breathing, and plants.