Warranty FAQ

Can I install my windows primed?

The Cherry Creek Warranty requires that windows are finish painted before installation. Primer is not finish paint. It will not protect wood windows from moisture. The windows are made from kiln dried wood and come out of the factory with 12% or less moisture content. Any exposure to the humidity in the interior or exterior of a home without protection could damage your windows.

Why are windows painted dark not covered by warranty?

Through over three decades worth of experience manufacturing and installing wood windows we have learned that painting windows light colors results in the longest lasting, best operating, low maintenance windows. Dark paint colors cause the wood to heat up excessively. This leads to bubbling paint, pitch bleed, checking wood, and contraction and expansion of wood parts. The end result can be failure of glass seals, warped windows, cracks in joints where water can easily penetrate, and many other things.

What is the Cherry Creek warranty?

In summary, the warranty effective 10/1/15 covers any glass manufactured by Cardinal to be free of failure for 20 years. For the first 2 years after purchase, hardware, wood components, and glass will be warranted to be free of defect of workmanship. Beyond 2 years after purchase through remaining warranty, if a glass failure occurs, the cost of glass is covered but the cost of labor for replacing the glass is the customer's responsibility.

Glass manufactured by those other than Cardinal may carry different warranty periods and conditions.

Products ordered prior to 10/1/15 may have different warranty periods and conditions.

For full warranty documents, click here.