Double hung windows with custom leaded glass


Wood Window CompanyQuality Craftsmanship Never Goes Out Of Style. Since 1978, Cherry Creek Door & WIndow Company has sought to provide the most traditional looking window and door products available. The Cherry Creek product line was developed to match and maintain the look and charm of pre-1940's Seattle homes while updating the efficiency and function. We favor meticulous craftsmanship and traditional design over high speed machinery and mass production systems. The results are beautiful.

Hand Selection. Each Cherry Creek window begins with carefully seasoned Douglas Fir grown in the Pacific Northwest. Douglas Fir costs more and takes longer to cure than a lot of other woods, but it repays you with stronger, longer lasting, wood doors and windows.

Beauty In The Details. Cherry Creek's decorative leaded glass blends old world charm with contemporary energy efficiency. Each piece is hand-crafted with care, authentic to the last detail by skilled craftspeople who appreciate working with their hands. Whether leaded or beveled, each thermal glass unit adds warmth and style to your home. 

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